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THE hits keep coming this July 4th, as the announced acts for the pre-show will include Coldplay and Reba McEntire. Oh, and also Black Pumas, and OneRepublic. I don’t know either of those latter two bands, but given my genre I could have this all wrong and they could be the headliners and big stars of the day. Black Pumas are advertised as “Wu-Tang Clan meets James Brown,” sounds promising. Oh, and also the performances are usually pre-taped so they won’t actually occur on July 4, but previously have been held on the Oval in Hunters Point South Park and open to the public1. So have that 6-pack and lighter ready to go when the time comes.

//A lengthy update on the LIC rental market was put out by Curbed on Friday. Though largely correct I think the author glosses over the tremendous value of an easy commute (Time = money), and completely omitted two other fantastic attributes of Long Island City: the unparalleled views and the easy access to parks if you’re on the waterfront2. Other than that I think she gets it right, though almost two months after we accurately predicted the lay of the land.

NYC’s Fourth of July Fireworks Will Be A Live Eventyup, we called it first

Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworksthe official site listing all the activities and times

Office Reopenings Means LIC’s Rent Deals Are Almost Overmore like coming off the bottom

Renters Locking In Longer Leases As Apartment Rents Rise

  1. and usually announced day-of – did we mention our Twitter feed? []
  2. and the good local public schools that are w/i walking distance and housed in structures that are newly built, not decrepit []

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