THE Pro Bowl is this Sunday, a game which is almost as exciting and hard-hitting as the local news this week. Oh sure, we could add some filler by regurgitating innocuous articles about Queens in general or elaborating on vapid press releases. Much as the NFL does with meaningless ‘Battle of the Network Stars’ type contests the day before with players competing in muscle-bulging tank-tops and too much of a smile. Or we could do rote interviews with our sponsors, much like the NFL does with those players in attendance – none of whom will be participating in the actual Super Bowl – about who will win the big game.

We won’t do the above just to gain eyeballs because that would be demeaning to our readers, much like it would be for Pro-Bowlers, except the latter get paid $34k to $67k to play in the game, the moniker ‘Pro-Bowler,’ and a free trip to Orlando. You on the other hand get an extra nine minutes of sleep, now that’s invaluable!

//LIGHT Dinner Will Be Served – really? Oh, and there will be another Community Workshop regarding the Waterfront Master Plan this Monday, January 27 from 6pm to 8pm at the Plaxall Gallery, 5-25 46th Avenue. The theme will be ‘Community Resources’ (aka Rec Center) and a light dinner will be served. Now if there was an open bar…

Pro Bowl Rulesthe Pro Bowl has different rules from regular NFL games to make it safer. Rendering it less exciting than the Bengals v. Browns in week 17

5 Open Houses in LIC This Weekendfeast on real estate instead of pigskin this wknd

A Hip Sustainable Seafood Festival Returns To LIC This Weekend this is the dawning of the ‘Age of Aquarius’

UES Board Backs Study For Dedicated Pedestrian Path On Queensboro Bridgeinitiated by Manhattan because they’re all dying to get to LIC!

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