AS of 11am this past Saturday it’s official: we can get back to normal and obsess over mundane local issues like ‘Stop’ signs and Filipino Taco Stands.

Yes, the opening of a Filipino Taco Stand in Long Island City can now take it’s rightful place as front page news. The one I’m referring to is housed inside ‘Little Chef Little Cafe’ on 48th Avenue. Actually they’ve been serving these tacos for some time, which I knew because I got a 15-pak DIY Taco Kit from LCLC this summer. While I’m normally a soft-taco fan, I fell in love with their fried-wonton shell option, it’s really good. So grab yourself an ice cold San Miguel and take a Covid-safe culinary trip south of the border this winter, then make a left and go another 10,000 miles east all without leaving your couch.

//YOU’LL miss them when they’re gone. The beautiful weekend brought many visitors to the waterfront. Crowded yes, uncomfortably so no, and it felt great to have everyone come together like it’s 2019! Just like Midtown needs tourists, we do too – from Queens & Brooklyn anyway. This stretch of weather coming in mid-November is truly a blessing, hopefully there are many more blessings to come in the next year – we’re due!

Filipino Taco Standat Little Chef Little Cafe on 48th Ave in Hunters Point

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