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THERE’S a new year about to start, and with it come new resolutions, such as eating less meat. No, that wasn’t on your list? You were planning on giving up alcohol, taking up CBD, or some combination of the two? Well anyway my editor assigned me this story and with it a deadline.

So I assembled a panel of carnivorous experts here in the newsroom and they each threw out a tasty local vegetarian item or two that excites them about forgoing meat for a meal. We discarded the obvious like pizza or anything parmigiana, sampled the rest, screamed, yelled, pulled some hair, had a few fistfights, made up, made out, and then created our ‘Best Vegetarian Dishes in LIC’ List just so you could be holier than thou in 2021:

#1 Veggie Dumplings at Yumpling, – my first time I went with the classic pork version, which are awesome. The second time I tried the veggie version, which in my estimation yield zero ground to the original. Surprisingly the veggie option costs $1 more, which is either a testament to the outstanding produce Yumpling uses in the filling, or a scary statement of how cheap the cost of meat in America has become

#2 Vegan Sandwich at Cannelle – who needs cheese in a sandwich? Or dairy for that matter? In the words of one hardcore herbivore ‘a vegetarian is to vegan what topless is to all-nude’ Make of that what you will

#3 Mock Duck in Panang Curry at Tuk Tuk – a dish so delicious that it will transport you to a peaceful Buddhist garden with chirping birds and thousands of lotus blossoms, where you will have no memory of all the foie gras you consumed last Christmas

#4 Zucchini & Mozzarella on Baguette at 51st. Bakery – sounds simple right? More like sublime if you nail the small details like they do

#5 Buddha Bowl at Communitea – a reader’s choice as recommended by Julie, who is currently only a pescatarian but hopes to ascend to raw-veganism once she can cure her addiction to lobster rolls

Ok then, now that we’ve conducted this unscientific1 and extremely subjective survey, do share what precious veggie menu items we may have missed…

LIC Will Soon House The Nation’s Largest Passive House Office we’re #1!

Lights, Camera, Construction! film studios expanding their footprint everywhere in NYC, including LIC

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Plans Filed To Build Apartment Building At 42-62 Hunter Street Near Queens Plazalittle old house will be demolished for 12-stories/27 units

  1. in keeping with the theme for 2020 []

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