Por ejemplo, anything ‘veggie’ from this joint

Last month LICtalk published our annual Long Island City Restaurant Round-Up. Today we are going to feature a derivative of that concept and add a twist by asking you our readers to participate.

What we’d like to know is which singular menu items in LIC restaurants and food establishments are outstanding? Despite the title of this post, which was scripted using AI solely to attract eyeballs, this is actually not a ‘Best of’ compilation. Raving about the burger at say, Corner Bistro, is no revelation to anyone. Similarly touting the dumplings at Yumpling. Nor is it a broad shout-out to specific establishments, such as 51st Bakery, where one might love everything that emanates from Faye Hess’ kitchen. I’m looking for both under-the-radar and unorthodox menu selections. Maybe the whole place is kinda mediocre, but one thing in particular is great. Or maybe an eatery that specializes in one cuisine but unexpectedly has a hidden gem, like the Kale and Quinoa Bowl at McDonald’s.1

To get the ball rolling I’ll mention two that I think are worthy of highlighting: the Turkey Chili at Bricktown Bagel and the Portobello Mushroom Burger at Communitea. Now it’s up to you LIC to share the insider knowledge and spread the word. Please leave your local menu recommendations in the comments below, the quirkier the better.

//WHILE we’re on the topic of food, I’ll stretch my purview beyond LIC by referencing our newly opened hot pot restaurant mentioned in the lengthy ode below, to act as restaurant critic. Or maybe it’s restaurant observer. Anyway I once ate hot pot in Flushing (come for the boil, stay for the show), and given the recent proliferation of new hot pot establishments I’m curious to see if this new Asian culinary blossoming has the staying power of ramen or the ephemeralty of poke. Judge for yourself foodies by reading the 8,000 word dissertation below, after which you will be granted an honorary PhD in hot pot.

Ex-Basketball Convicted For One-Punch Slaying in LICbut could get as little as a year

Macy’s Moving Corporate Headquarters To LIC From Manhattanthe JACX tower in Queens Plaza

NYC’s Hot Pot Boom Is Hereread about the riveting battle between Chongqing and Chengdu

R40 Brings Argentinian ‘Parrilla’ to LICfrom the owners of Madera across the street

Rockrose Buys Former Taxi Lot in Court Squarewill put up 220-unit rental building, woo-hoo!

  1. just an example of contrast, fictional at that, not an endorsement []

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