once a bar & grill, always a bar & grill!

ST. PADDY”S DAY is the perfect occasion to break the news that another bar & grill is coming to Vernon Boulevard! The owners of The Baroness Bar and the The Huntress Bar, both located in Dutch Kills, are bringing their show and vittles to 47-18 Vernon Boulevard, previously home to The Corner Bistro which closed last year.

The Baroness serves a whole slew of specialty burgers, and The Huntress offers a wide variety of chicken wings, hot dogs, and poutine, the latter a staple of the French-Canadian owner, Melanie Lemieux (no relation to Mario, or maybe there is!), home province. A quick glance inside the new location indicates some small changes to the interior, but the owner says they’ll be revealing more in early April. yESS!

//HEY, and while we’re on the subject of things that opened in LIC nine years ago, that would include LICtalk, which celebrated it’s ninth birthday last week. There was cake, and candles, but given Covid protocols no people. Or poutine. And while it was only a party of one – for the past 12 months, were still the #1 news source for what’s happening in Long Island City. And more importantly for what matters in Long Island City.

//PSST vaccines here. Both the Duane Reade on 47th Rd and CVS on 50th Ave are giving covid vaccine shots, and I’ll let you readers in on a little secret – you might be able to score one just by walking in and asking in the back as there are frequent cancellations due to those who are eligible double-booking elsewhere. It’s hit or miss, bon chance!

The Baronessburgers galore

The Huntresswings, dogs, & poutine

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