you say target, I say tarje(t); you say altice, I say citi

TARGET signed a lease to open a store on the bottom floors of the Citi Building in Court Square according to The New York Post.

More specifically, they are getting a dedicated ground floor entrance, the whole second floor, and part of the third floor of the 4-story One Court Square annex which is connected to the tower.

Of course that tower is now topped with the name ‘Altice’ not Citi as of a year ago, but that’s merely semantics. Anyway, time moves on and central LIC is about to get it’s first Box store, though at 31,000 square feet I wouldn’t call it a Big Box store.

//ELECTION 2021, Jimmy Van Bramer is out, coming in a distant third in the run for Queens Borough President and conceding, leaving Donovan Richards slightly edging Elizabeth Crowley 42% to 40% in a tight race that probably won’t be called until July due to ranked choice voting.

Similarly, Julie Won holds a small lead over Amit Bagga 18.4% to 17.6% after the first count of the District 26 City Council primary, with no other candidates over 10% in the 15-person field. Once again check back in July.

Target Inks Huge Deal In LICyou say huge, I say big

Donovan Richards Takes Narrow Leadby a nose

LIC’s District 26 Council Race: Julie Won Takes Early Leadby a nostril…

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