ANOTHER high profile storefront in Long Island City will be shutting its doors come the end of March. Something Sweet located at 49-10 Vernon Boulevard in Hunters Point opened five years ago during the summer of Sweet-16 (my how time flies). In addition to standard ice cream fare, they offered unusual flavors such as black sesame, green tea, and taro, as well as Thai ice cream rolls and bubble tea.

According to the owner their lease was up and the pandemic took away too much walk-in business to make it worthwhile re-upping. That’s the story in 2021, so get your local bubble tea fix while you can.

//LAST week I received a missive from a PR agency letting me know that Skyline Tower, the tallest building in Queens, is on its way to potentially breaking a record, as the first set of closings for the building began in February. That’s a good thing – apartments being closed on and subsequently occupied, thus bringing more life to the Court Square area.

As for “potentially” breaking a record, we’re definitely in wait and see mode when it comes to local real estate. The press release stated that the building was 41% sold and there were 325 units in contract. Yet in February of 2020 the developers shared that a quarter of the 802 units were sold, implying a current run rate of ~125 apartments a year which with 475 left means it won’t be full for another three years if the pace continues. Not the worst real estate news for NYC, but not the best either. We shall see…

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