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HAVING declared Broadway as the Norther Border of LIC, LICtalk will now reclaim an acclaimed restaurant from the inexactitude of The New York Times. But don’t let that deter you from checking out this new spot, as the geographical imprecision is more than made up for by the enthusiastic review.

Nneji, located at 32-30 34th Avenue, is a shop that offers cooked West African food for takeout, as well as a cultivated smattering of other culinary items. Prior to opening the shop, the owner had a stall at the Roosevelt Island Farmer’s Market offering similar items. While I had always found the pairing of say, simmering goat and fresh Italian bread ,a strange combination, I couldn’t help but notice when I visited the market the dedicated regulars at the stall, some of whom came for the bread etc., others for containers of whatever was cooking at the time. Anyway last week Pete Wells gave it a thumb’s up and made it a NYT Critic’s Pick, so it’s time to check it out. But don’t worry pickle guy on Roosevelt Island, I’ll still come and visit you too.

//WHEN hearing about the helipad request included in the Amazon HQ2 proposal, I couldn’t help but think it was a little tone deaf. While not a deal breaker in itself, it came across to me as an unusual line item for a savvy yet monolithically-perceived company. Yet according to an excerpt from a new book about Jeff Bezos, the helipad may have been due to his then (unknown) girlfriend’s having a helicopter’s pilot license, and Bezos’ being in the midst of receiving a license of his own. Aha!

Pleasures And Prescriptions Of The West African Diet, Nneji in LIC!

The Untold Story Of How Jeff Bezos Beat The Tabloidsahh the helipad!

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