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Well folks I’m happy to report that in this period of sheltering it’s given me the time to work on the Great American Novel and I am now .01% complete. More importantly I’ve already chosen which Hollywood stars will be in the movie version and am reaching out to them as we speak. The only thing I haven’t decided is whether to have Brad Pitt or George Clooney play the lead role of myself, please forward contact information for either if you happen to have it. You can pre-order the book on Amazon at the link below.

//I’m truly heartened by all the visible alcohol consumption on the sidewalks of Long Island City. It took exactly 400 years but we seemed to have finally dropped the Puritan manner brought over on the Mayflower. Not that I was of that stock, or mindset, as my ancestors came to this country via the Tenement Museum around the turn of the last century. Which in 2020 makes me well-established enough to decree that things will fully be back to normal in LIC when Show Palace re-opens.

//SEVERAL years ago I found myself in the West 50’s after a meeting that ran through lunch, when I happened upon a tiny storefront called Beyond Sushi offering vegan takes on the traditional Japanese version of raw fish on rice. Given that I had a 6pm business dinner with Lloyd Blankfein and some of his lieutenants, I wandered inside hoping to find something light to tide me over. The choices were many and I only wished I were able to dig in whole hog at the time. Nevertheless I would find myself seeking it out whenever I was in the neighborhood, and when they opened new locations.

This week Beyond Sushi began delivery to Long Island City out of a ‘ghost kitchen’ located within their pantry based here. Which is a good thing now that I’ve exhausted all the other local options many times over ordering in dinner for a solid ten weeks. And as it turns out, the owners happen to live right here in LIC. So check out the full menu at the link below, as you will quickly notice there’s a lot more than just sushi at Beyond Sushi.

//HAVE you ever wondered how to get an apartment on the historic landmarked block long stretch of 45th Avenue? Well here’s you chance, as there’s a 900 sq ft. one bedroom available August 1 being offered for $2,650 a month. Email for more info and pics.

Amazon Pre-Order For Book by The Editortrust me it’s an epic!

NYC Will Re-Open On June 8just out according to Cuomo

Mayor de Blasio Announces Crackdown On Outdoor Bar Hangoutsaww c’mon, alcohol is the disinfectant you can drink

Beyond Sushi see full menu

Biryanis With Something ExtraAdda Canteen delivery special

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