An undated rendering of the Long Island City waterfront, obtained by Patch

SO, a prospective proposal from the group of developers putting together the Anable Basin LIC Waterfront Master Plan was leaked yesterday in an article in the local news sight Patch. The main rendering accompanying the story shows a whole slew of densely-packed massive towers including one that could potentially be 76-stories high.

In reaching out to the coalition of developers (Your LIC) about the plans, their spokeswoman’s response was “those drawings are several months old and that ‘no plans have been completed or proposed.’” according to the Patch article.

For the time being I will painfully hold back on commenting on the leaked plans as I am scheduled to meet next week with representatives of Your LIC to share some of my views for the site. Nevertheless, I am very curious to see to what extent the leaked plans are similar to the actual ones scheduled to be released on March 23…

//A big ‘Huzzah’ goes out to Maya Kaufman at for breaking this substantive story and reporting it even-handedly and with the correct context. It is exactly what local journalism should do and should be and we could use more of it.

//Four Winters Ice Cream on Vernon Boulevard has closed – If not for the story above, or maybe including the story above, and in light of the current Corona-hysteria, I really wanted to write an LIC conspiracy thesis with the closing of Four Winters as one example. Other possibilities included ‘might the delayed opening of Yumpling be a global plot to deny LIC dumplings?’ Is Dorian’s Cafe foregoing a permanent tenant in order to be temporarily occupied by the Queens field office of the Committee to RE-Eelect the President? Was the YourLIC outreach campaign really just PR lip-service and the “coalition” actually a pre-ordained covenant, blood-inked by a small group of aged men in dark hooded robes way back in the days of old, circa 2019? No, no, no, I’m just talking crazy. Just talking. Crazy.

Except maybe in the case of Four Winters Ice Cream, which I hesitantly wondered about in a post regarding the competitive local business landscaped “chose a shoebox in Long Island City to sell a seasonal product for their NYC debut” and also marveled at in regards to their location choices: “Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, London, LA, Long Island City – an incongruous lot to say the least.” Noticing the geographical skew in the post-mortem, I delved deeper to discover that in fact this “sundae” chain has Saudi links. Given that the news of their shutting down this weekend came in tandem with the collapse of OPEC, I couldn’t help but wonder “Is there a correlation between the international supply of crude oil and the demand for ice cream on Vernon Boulevard???” Yes, yes, yes, there is, and the illuminati have been aware of it for centuries! Ice Cream, Illuminati, Corona, Dumplings, I am not crazy. Am I?

Developers Hatch Plans For Mega-Towers On Former Amazon HQ2 SiteDeep Throat lives!

$10 Million Acquisition Of Four Winters By Saudi-Linked Ownersback in 2017

Former BANY Location/Building On Jackson Avenue Soldfor $3.075 million

Palace Chicken & Grill Closes On 44th Drive spicy chicken sandwich no more

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