the bell tolls for you!

Peas, pudding and saveloys
What next is the question
Rich gentlemen have it, boys

Food, glorious food
We’re anxious to try it
Three banquets a day
Our favorite diet

SO much restaurant news in Long Island City, let’s just get right to it.

Bellwether is re-opening! After a full year hiatus – no outside, no delivery/takeout, just 52 weeks in Tahiti – this upscale restaurant on Vernon Boulevard will open its doors again on May 3. And it’s sidewalk too, as they’ve constructed a major outdoor space on 47th Road.

Right across the street from Bellwether ‘The Baroness’ will open in early May. Yup, the former home of the Corner Bistro will be the new home of ‘The Baroness,’ not an offshoot. They too have expanded their outdoor space onto 47th Road.

It’s not just Vernon Boulevard that’ll be hopping soon, Court Square will get a new slice shop serving NY-style pizza called Juliet’s in the pop-up space at 27-20 Jackson Avenue.

Can’t wait til these openings occur? Then check out Multisweet on 44th Drive. This Asian Bakery is currently doing a soft open, but that includes serving Tiramisu, which I think might be from the Mekong lowlands region of Cambodia. Anyway they have a lovely outdoors section in the back.

What, you want ‘More?’ This ain’t Oliver Twist, so here it is: The Connected Chef is now operating in LIC on 5th Street between 49th & 50th Aves. This ‘twist’ on a CSA includes locally sourced grains and fruits, as well as an option for other local add-ons such as breads, meats, eggs, etc., and incorporates a giving-back aspect via a sliding scale pricing formula based on need.

While we’re on the topic of local produce, I received a shout-out for LIC-based, by someone who touts the freshness and variety of their offerings, as well as the simplicity with lots of flexible options.

MORE please: the new Indian restaurant on Jackson Avenue in Hunters Point will be called Tikka Masala. Tiramisu, Tikka Masala, Multisweet, Baroness & Bellwether, and oh yeah, the Circle Line is back!

//FINALLY, on a most Dickensian note, I’ve received word that they have begun demolishing the City Harvest site on the southern tip of Hunters Point.

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