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Does LICtalk have a ‘cover curse?’ Last year we bemoaned the difficulty many local restaurants have getting open, honing in on the travails of Mothership Meat Company and using a picture of the nearly completed R40 Argentinian restaurant as our cover photo. Fast forward a year and the latter has yet to open for business and no one answers the phone…

Nevertheless 2020 looks to bring a bounty of new restaurants to Long Island City, but before we dig in here’s a select role call of those who passed in the last decade for you nostalgia buffs: Lounge 47, Mario’s Deli, OpenDoor, The Riverview, Ihawan (yeah, LIC once had Filipino!), and The Crab House – v1., v2., a little latino and a head fake. Plus a special decadal award to the Most Resilient: The Shannon Pot, having existed at three different locations in the last ten six years. Then finally a look to the unborn of the new decade, most notably the future tenants of Dorian’s and that hole in the ground across the street from it?!? Oh to have 2020 vision.


Chairman Sunnew Chinese #1 for you

Four Winters Ice Creamice cream, it’s not just for dessert any more. Or summer for that matter

Huponew Chinese #2 for you

Little Chef, Little Cafelittle space w/ the heart of gold

Mina’s at MoMA PS1recently opened, replaces M Wells Dinette

Pop’s Delireplaced Sandwich King in the Fall

Rincon Melaniasure it’s been open since last January and may or may not be in LIC, but we didn’t know. Plus the NYT gave it the thumbs up only two months ago

Starbucksall hail it’s arrival, even if a little out of the way

WeBagelbrings to life the former BreadBox location on 11th Street after being dormant for several years; the name might need a revision in light of recent events?


American Brassthink ‘The Smith’ comes to LIC via the operator of Maiella. Lots of construction on site the past month, over/under St. Patty’s Day

Beanstalk Cafesoon to open on 47th Ave

Daily SpoonModern Asian pop-up coming to Court Square from the owners of Destination Dumplings according to The Court Square Blog

Dan Kluger Helmed RestaurantJean-Georges alum in the JACX complex in Queens Plaza Spring 2020…

JACX Food Courtdefinitely Spring 2020 according to landlord rep, leases are out to tenants

Murray’s Cheeseanother month or three until the good people of Queens Plaza can gorge on cheese and a whole lot more

R40at 5,000 kilometer’s from top to bottom in Argentina R40 is a long road, just like opening a restaurant on Vernon Boulevard

Tacombithe ninth location of this taco purveyor, expected to open in Court Square early this year

Yin Traditional Hotpot opening in the next week or two

Yumplingall ready to go just waiting for the gas to be turned on, followed by week or two of training. So let’s say February, G-d and Con-Ed willing


Citi Tower Food Court I’m going to call it ‘Citi Tower’ no matter who owns/rents it. There will definitely be a substantial food court here, the only question is will it be in one year, two…

Hana Noodle Station new Chinese #3 for you, but you will have to wait

Mighty Quinns BBQfall 2019 a little too ambitious, 2020?

Pig Beachoriginally expected this past Fall, there’s been no word from this bbq spot in Gowanus’ opening its 2nd location in former Studio Square space on Astoria border

Seafood/Extra Fancy/Mark Rancourtarrival tbd but here’s the 411 on this joint

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