Niki de Saint Phalle. Tarot Garden, Garavicchio, Italy. (© 2021 FONDAZIONE IL GIARDINO DEI TAROCCHI. Photo: Peter Granser.)

A lot of tidbits but not a lot of meat for you today – that was earlier in the week. The 5Pointz affordable housing lottery for 337 apartments is now open. Yeah you could snag a brand new 3-bdrm in a luxury tower with lots of amenities like an indoor pool and basketball court for $3,200 a month, but given the reduction in local market rate pricing I’m not sure it’s much of a discount, even if it is stabilized going forward. And the surrounding neighborhood is only so-so due to the lack of nearby parks. My advice to eligible applicants would be to hold out for TF Cornerstone’s newest tower on Center Boulevard. It should be announced any day month now and the location right on the park as well as within un-trafficked walking distance of multiple schools is as prime as it comes.

Other than that some new lofts are coming to Dutch Kills. In return for high-ceilings you’ll be a block north of Queensbridge and a block east of Big Alice, and who knows what you’ll find when you walk out the front door. Oh wait, here’s what you’ll find, thanks Google. Also what looks like a great new market has opened in Queens Plaza and it will house a mini-Korean restaurant called Madang inside – an offshoot of a similarly named larger restaurant in NJ. Garden apartments are hot in NYC – and predominantly located in Queens, and NYS Assemblywoman Cathy Nolan announced she is home and stable and recuperating from cancer surgery. Here’s wishing a speedy recovery to you Cathy!

Finally, Niki de Saint Phalle is coming to LIC! Who is Niki de Saint Phalle? Well she was a “Feminist sculptor, filmmaker, painter, jewelry designer, and one-off parfumeur,” and though she’s no longer with us MoMA PS1 is doing a retrospective of her work beginning March 11. And by “work” it looks to primarily be comprised of large, outlandish, colorful sculptures. Don’t let the feminist label scare you, a quick scan of the pics in the link to her below indicate this might actually be a fun exhibit to take the kids to. And if not maybe you can pick up some perfume on the way out?

Lottery Opens For 330 Units At 5Pointz In LIC“affordable” is a maybe these days

Renderings Reveal Imbros Lofts At 37-24 10th St. in LICsee for yourself

MoMA PS1 Announces First New York Retrospective of Niki de Saint PhalleMarch 11 thru September 6

Western Queens Assemblywoman Recuperating From CancerCathy Nolan

City Acres Market Opens At JACX In Queens Plazaplus bibimbap and bulgogi!

Instead Of A Balcony How About A Garden Apartment“As people search for homes with outdoor space, complexes in Queens with big shared gardens are seeing strong sales.”

Queens Together: Chefs Team Up to Deliver 400 Meals to NYCHA Residentsincluding LIC’s Neuman’s Kitchen where it was all cooked

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