MOGE Tee has opened a new location at 46-30 Center Boulevard in Long Island City, and for the time being advertises 20% off during their soft opening. Offerings include Cheese Foam Tea, Fresh Fruit Yakult, Uji Matcha, Tofu Pudding, Dorayaki, and Souffle’s.

This is actually Moge Tee’s second location in LIC, one of about a dozen in NYC, and one of 40 or so in the U.S., with many new ones coming soon according to their website. Coming quickly on the back of Teazzi Tea opening in Court Square, and combined with Yi Fang Taiwan Tea on 21st St. and Gong Cha Tea on Queens Plaza, one can’t help but wonder if a bubble may be forming in bubble tea?

Moge Tee Website“Dedicated just for tea”

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