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WITH bikini season coming up, I’ve just started a new weight reduction program: The Food Truck Diet. Given that it was created by doctors and nutritionists at Harford, it’s a surefire way to drop 15 lbs in a month. It’s also a perfect occasion to mill about Gantry Plaza State Park while foraging.

Which is an excellent way to celebrate GPSP’s birthday tomorrow, May 21. According to the Hunters Point Parks Conservancy the park was opened to the public 23 years ago (and receives 1.5 million visitors annually). Mm-mm, tacos and Dom Perignon – this diet is great!

//I received an announcement that LICs largest 3-bedroom penthouse is now available to lease at Townhouse On The Park. The park is Murray and this 1,854 sq ft corner unit also comes with its own rooftop terrace. The asking rent is $8,900 a month, I guess that’s the going rate?

Walking Video Interview With The Creator of GPSPw/ Thomas Balsley

Video On The History of Hunters Pointw/ Andrew Kapochunas

Trader Joe’s To Open LIC Location June 25soon you’ll be able to pick up Creamy Cauliflower Jalapeno Dip on Jackson Ave next to Court Square Diner

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