WE are sad to report that Corazon de Mexico will close its doors for good on January 22. The Mexican restaurant, located at 10-09 50th Avenue, was opened in May 2018 by a mother/daughter team with a successful bakery in Woodside.

We spoke with the daughter, Cynthia Inglesias, and she said that they very much wanted to stay in business but their landlord was completely inflexible despite her putting forth numerous payment plans. Combined with limitations and then the elimination of indoor dining by the city, as well as inspectors that were real sticklers, the landlords unwillingness made continuing impossible.

In the final month, the restaurants 100-person capacity was reduced to four outdoor tables, and despite a lot of support from the neighborhood and a strong desire to keep a few employees working, paying full rent for a restaurant that was uninhabitable was no longer financially feasible.

Cynthia and her mom are proud to have been able to help the community during the pandemic, and wish all the best for those small mom and pop stores remaining in Long Island City. They sincerely hope that other landlords are more willing to put themselves in their tenants shoes.

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