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“And just remember, the best thing about kids… is making them!”

“Bring us a pitcher of beer every seven minutes until somebody passes out. And then bring one every ten minutes.”

Thornton Melon

WILL kids be going back to NYC public schools this upcoming Monday? Absolutely not because it’s Yom Kippur. So it’s shul for some and a good beach day for others. Come Tuesday, who knows? Which is a phrase that sums up many fall traditions now that Autumn has arrived. Will there be trick or treating and a parade on Halloween? Who knows? Will there be a Columbus Day parade? Who knows, and possibly not ever again in NYC – but public schools will be closed. Will there be family get-together’s on Thanksgiving? Who knows …but it will still take place on the fourth Thursday in November, there will be a lot of turkey on the plate and Lions and Cowboys on TV, and no school. A NYC Marathon gracing Vernon Boulevard? Not in 2020. Christmas sales and decorations and caroling in early November? Highly likely. Oktoberfest? Possibly, in spontaneous and hopefully socially distanced outbreaks while the weather holds and the beer flows freely outdoors. Let’s start with that vision and keep our fingers crossed for school and the rest…

//SOFTENING rents notwithstanding, winning the affordable housing lottery is still a bonanza, and winning one located on Center Boulevard is the Holy Grail. So take note all who qualify, 185 units are now up for grabs in the soon to open tower in Hunters Point South and preference is given to those who live in LIC. Click below for details and where to register.

//MULTISWEET Bakery is going into the space previously occupied by LIC Market on 44th Drive near Court Square. They currently have an outlet in lower Manhattan and the website describes it as serving “homestyle Asian desserts.”

//A new women’s pop-up boutique has just opened at 45-45 Center Blvd. Called FADO it is an extension from a similarly named store up in Katonah NY. It was started by Sasha Micoretti, a five year resident of LIC, and will be open until at least the end of the year. See the link below for the parent.

Lottery Launches For 185 Affordable Apartments In LIC’s Hunters Point Southapply now

New Business Signs Lease In Former LIC Market Space

MULTISWEET Bakeryi’ll take two durian egg tarts and a pork song song please

FADO Boutiquenow at 4545 Center Blvd

Silvercup Studios Sold For $500 Millionthat’s half a ‘yard’ for those keeping track of the big boys. Former denizen Tony Soprano would be proud

NYC Ferry’s Hornblower Faces Cash Crunch“Winter is not their strong months,” Trombetta said. “They need to get through it and through next spring when things open again and businesses gets back to normal.”

MoMA PS1 Re – Opens With Strict Safety Protocol And Great New Exhibitionsgo now w/o the crowds

Plaxall Gallery Hosts First Exhibition Since Quarantineentitled ‘Someone Will Remember Us’ through October 17

LIC Lawyer Wins Mrs. New York America 2020congrats

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