No better setting for a wedding

A reader tipped us off that according to the Citizen App another person jumped from the tower 4545 Center Boulevard last night. Around 9pm a passel of police cars zoomed to the site, followed quickly by a large area cordoned off with police tape – though the app mentioned this person landed on the 7th Floor rooftop of the building. If so, this is the second jumper this year in this building, and the fourth known fatal jumper along Center Boulevard this past decade.

//Murray’s Cheese Shop and Restaurant is scheduled to open August 17th on Jackson Avenue near Queens Plaza South according to Eater.

Cheese & More Coming to LIC Next Weekall outdoor seating for now

Man Fatally Shot in Queensbridge Early Sunday Morning23 yr old resident

Big Rave Under Kosciuszko Bridge Last Saturday gets busted, but the problem lingers

The Mom & Pop Factory With An Atomic SecretPlaxall founder’s WW2 efforts may have been part of The Manhattan Project

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